Our patients reach their full potential through exercise, self-management and support. We have an experienced and passionate team who can help you.

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Dizziness / Balance

Many people suffer the very disabling effects of dizziness/vertigo, balance problems and loss of confidence. Fortunately we have some very effective treatment strategies based on the latest research evidence.

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Neurological Physiotherapy is a specialist field, and we have a number of education opportunities for university qualifications, professional development courses for physiotherapists and supportive information for patients and carers.

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About Us

Welcome to Advanced Neuro Rehab (formerly James McLoughlin NeuroPhysiotherapy). We are a physiotherapy practice in Adelaide, South Australia. We have extensive experience in working with people with neurological conditions as well as people with dizziness and balance disorders. We are committed to providing the best clinical care to our patients as well as being involved in research and education into this specialist area of physiotherapy.

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Congratulations to 3 of our Senior Physiotherapists at Advanced Neuro Rehab. Nicole Simmons (Senior Lead Physiotherapist), Eileen Ting & Joanne

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Dizziness & Vertigo

Dizziness can be a scary experience.  Is there something serious that is causing it? Will it ever get better? How

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Maximising recovery of your arm & hand after a stroke

Maximising recovery of your arm & hand after a stroke It’s incredibly common for people to experience problems with their

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