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22nd May, 2015 PhD!

Well it took over 4 years, but in April James (finally) completed his PhD at the School of Medicine at University of New South Wales! This PhD resulted in 5 publications that looked at important aspects of gait, balance and fatigue in people with Multiple Sclerosis. Check out these papers at the ‘Our Research’ page. We


Neurological Physiotherapy – exciting times ahead

5th December, 2014

The history of Neurological Physiotherapy stems from the simple discovery that people with neurological disease or injury benefit from physical rehabilitation. A number of NeuroPhysiotherapy approaches emerged in various places around the world throughout the 20th century, each with their own rationale and strategies that could be used to encourage recovery of movement and function


Conference visit

24th September, 2014 Conference visit

In April this year, Jo Howie attended the 8th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation in Istanbul, Turkey. This was a fantastic opportunity for Jo to update on the latest in Neurorehabilitation, with some particularly interesting sessions on upper limb rehabilitation and the use of robotic technologies to enhance neurological recovery. Jo has already implemented some


Research prize!

24th September, 2014 Research prize!

Late last year James entered a research competition, The TOW Research awards Day in Sydney, James submitted an over view of his PhD research ‘Identifying and minimizing the effects of fatigue on mobility in people with Multiple Sclerosis.’ This was shortlisted into the final, which involved a judged presentation in Sydney on November 2013.


Advanced Bobath Course

24th September, 2014 Advanced Bobath Course

In May this year, Clara and Nicole attended a one-week Advanced Bobath Course, run by Mary Lynch-Ellerington. Mary is a well-respected Senior Bobath Tutor, who inspires with her skilful ability, dynamic teaching and infectious enthusiasm for neurological physiotherapy. Nicole and James have a long history of attending courses with Mary that extends back over the