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Balance & Motor Control (B&MC) courses

B&MC Advanced Clinical Reasoning  (2-days)

B&MC blends together the best bits of movement neuroscience, neuroplasticity, motor control theory, musculoskeletal, vestibular and neuro-rehabilitation knowledge – and applies it to human balance! We know that balance is fundamental to human motor behaviour and performance. This unique course draws upon a diverse selection of information from neuroscientific and clinical evidence to provide advanced clinical reasoning for clinicians working in any area neuro & vestibular rehabilitation. Associate Professor James McLoughlin is passionate about providing practical information that is both relevant and entertaining. This advanced clinical reasoning course allows participants to explore a deeper level of knowledge on balance and motor control to develop rehabilitation plans for complex cases in areas of vestibular & neurological rehabilitation. The course includes practical demonstrations, assessments & plenty++ of treatment ideas!

We have  developed some new ‘Practical courses’. These practical courses allow an opportunity to develop and practice evidence-based treatment techniques, run through prescription of exercises including full rehab plans and share practical tips. It’s a festival of ideas & it’s fun!

B&MC Assessment & management of the dizzy patient –  Accredited Vestibular Course (2-days)

We make learning vestibular assessment easy & fun. In 2 days we will ensure you are confident in assessing people presenting to your clinic with dizziness. Our extensive experience ensures we prioritise the most common clinical presentations of dizziness and allow you to assess, treat and refer promptly. We will work with you directly until you successfully complete our key competencies to ensure you are accredited. Like all B&MC course we focus on making learning fun and interactive with plenty of clinical reasoning of course! This course covers;

  • What can cause dizziness?
  • What are the most common presentations in general practice?
  • Examination of the dizzy patient – assessed
  • Assessment & treatment of Benign Positional Vertigo – assessed
  • Principles of Vestibular Rehabilitation – assessed
  • The B&MC approach to clinical reasoning

B&MC Advancing Vestibular Rehabilitation Practice Course (2 days)

This course is for those who have experience in vestibular rehabilitation, or who have completed other basic vestibular training such as our B&MC Accredited Vestibular course. We will cover evidence updates, treatment techniques, exercise prescriptions and rehab plans for complex cases. The B&MC style of teaching aims to share the maximum amount of relevant information, share ideas and leave you confident in immediately advancing your vestibular rehabilitation practice for more complex presentations.

  • Difficult BPPV,
  • Chronic/Persistent dizziness,
  • Concussion,
  • Vestibular Migraine / Migraine Associated Vertigo,
  • Cervicogenic dizziness,
  • Complex Neurological presentations
  • The B&MC approach to clinical reasoning

Please email us at admin@advancedneurorehab.com.au if you would like us to bring a course to you and your region. We can adjust content to meet your priority learning outcomes.



B&MC – Advanced Clinical Reasoning, Perth, Australia May 16th & 17th

Hollywood Private Hospital, Nedlands WA 6009

Trybooking Aus site https://www.trybooking.com/BIPIX

  • $770 (inc GST) per person. Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea for both days.
  • EARLY BIRD PRICE – $670 – Book and pay before 31st March 2020.


B&MC – Advanced Clinical Reasoning, Manchester, UK June 27th & 28th

Manchester Neurotherapy Centre,

466 Bolton Road, Manchester, M27 8UR

To book a place please email  admin@mncweb.co.uk


B&MC – Advanced Clinical Reasoning, Brighton, UK, July 4th & 5th        

Nikki Penny Stroke and Neurological Physiotherapy Clinic Hurstpierpoint Clinic

Unit 16, Danworth Farm, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, BN6 9GL

Trybooking UK site https://www.trybooking.co.uk/QIP

  • £300.00


B&MC – Advanced Clinical Reasoning,  Sydney, Australia October 24th & 25th

Northern Beaches Rehabilitation

Shop 2/54 Glen St, Belrose NSW 2085

Trybooking Aus site https://www.trybooking.com/BIPLN

  • $770 (inc GST) per person. Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea for both days.
  • EARLY BIRD PRICE – $670 – Book and pay before 30th April 2020.


Previous courses – 2019

Adelaide SA

Cervicogenic Dizziness & Headache.

An integrated physical rehabilitation approach for concussion & brain injury.

With special guest presenter Dr Julia Treleaven with Associate Professor James McLoughlin.

Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September 9am to 5pm.  Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunches provided.

The course aim/objective is to ensure that at the completion of the course, the participant will
* Understand the role of the cervical spine as a contributor to dizziness and its importance post-concussion.
* Have a good understanding of the impairments in neuromuscular, movement and sensorimotor function which have been found to be associated with cervical disorders, particularly post trauma.
* Develop a good understanding of the clinical reasoning process for differential diagnosis of cervical disorders and the treatment directives from the assessment.
* Develop clinical skills for the recognition of signs & symptoms such as headache, dizziness and visual disturbances of cervicogenic origin and methods for management.
* Develop clinical skills for the recognition and retraining of neuromuscular control in patients with cervical disorders including concussion.


Administration Building – Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre
207-255 Hampstead Road, Lightsview , SA 5085

Register at the TryBooking site




Melbourne VIC

      Assessment & management of the dizzy patient, Accredited Vestibular Course (2-days)

On Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June 2019 9am to 4pm

$770 (inc GST) per person. Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea for both days.
$670 Early Bird Price for tickets purchased before 15th April 2019.

Angliss Hospital- Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC)

Corner Talaskia Road & Edward Street

Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

(Entry is through the blue section with the sliding glass doors marked ‘Community Rehabilitation’ – it is NOT the hospital main entrance).

Register at the TryBooking site 


Perth WA

B&MC Advanced Clinical Reasoning  SOLD OUT

On Saturday 15th June and Sunday 16th June 2019 9am to 4pm.

$770 (inc GST) per person. Includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea for both days.

EARLY BIRD PRICE – $670 – Book and pay before 30th April 2019.


Rocky Bay

60 McCabe Street,

Mosman Park, WA  6012

Free parking available on site

Register at the TryBooking site 



Previous courses


       Assessment & management of the dizzy patient, Accredited Vestibular Course (2-days) 

December 1st & 2nd, 2018

        Cost $770 incl GST (includes lunches + morning/afternoon tea)

Venue Northern Beaches Rehabilitation 2/54 Glen St Belrose NSW 2085

Register at the TryBooking site https://www.trybooking.com/YSNT



B&MC Advanced clinical reasoning (2-days)

July  Sat 7th & Sun 8th (B&MC)

Cost?  $770 incl GST (includes lunches + morning/afternoon tea)

Venue Neurological Rehabilitation Group, Third floor, Suite 8, 205-211 Forster Rd, Mt Waverley VIC 3149

Register at the TryBooking site https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=364432&



Advancing Vestibular Rehab Practice (2 day)

*Apologies due to other commitments we have had to postpone this course. New dates TBA. 

  $770 incl GST (includes lunches + morning/afternoon Tea)

Venue Neurological Rehabilitation Group, Third floor, Suite 8, 205-211 Forster Rd, Mt Waverley VIC 3149

Register your interest at admin@neurophysiotherapy.com.au


email us at admin@neurophysiotherapy.com.au to register  your interest and get in early.


Confirmed – B&MC Manchester UK April 21st & 22nd 2018 SOLD OUT

Where? Manchester Neurotherapy Centre

Cost? £275 (includes lunches + morning/afternoon tea)

Contact Organiser:  Barbara Fletcher admin@mncweb.co.uk


Confirmed –  B&MC London UK April 28th & 29th 2018

Where? Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton

Cost? £275 (includes lunches + morning/afternoon tea)

Register at the TryBooking site https://www.trybooking.co.uk/DMA





B&MC Johannesburg Sold out

June 24 & 25, Morningside Mediclinic Sports Centre


B&MC Sydney 2017 Sold out

April 1 & 2, Advance Rehab Centre, St Leonards

$770 (inc GST) per person – includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea for both days


Click here to register now https://www.trybooking.com/253154

B&MC Melbourne 2017 Sold Out

May 20 & 21, Angliss CRC, Upper Ferntree Gully 

$770 (inc GST) per person – includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea for both days

Click here to register now https://www.trybooking.com/253159

Some of our feedback from B&MC courses

“All really interesting”

“Gives a variety of ideas & options, not just fitting into the box – but applying to a range of clinical scenarios”

“Interesting & helpful anecdotes (entertaining!) Thanks.”

“Great way to revisit the science”

“So many useful tips & tricks”

“Thanks for a great course!”

“Movement super-coaching summaries where a great way of tying it all together!”

“Excellent! Looking forward to the sports course!”

“A really interesting and clinically useful course -thank you!!”

“It was all great. Very applicable info and presented in a very interesting way – you clearly have heaps of amazing knowledge & experience.”

“I loved the loads of neuro and vestibular examples.”

” I have never had neuroscience taught in such a way. It was so applicable to clinical practice!”

“Lots of new ideas to take away. This has helped me think more head to toe when observing. I really look forward to the next B&MC courses.”

“Very comprehensive & interesting course. It helped me design treatment ideas for my current patients. Thank you!”

” I finally understand how motor control theory works!”

“Application of principles to specific populations incredibly useful.”

“What a fantastic course!  So useful for all practice areas.”

“It was so refreshing to have such a broad range of ideas and feel so comfortable discussing progression and problem solving.”

“Thank you very much -I’ve taken so many useful things away from this! Would love to do the 1-day practical sessions.”

“Lots to take away and try with patients. Very clinically relevant.”

“Thank you! Very interesting and useful.”

“Excellent! Gave clear explanations of theory & of how theory applies to practice, with applications to treatment. Great. Thank you.”

“Overall a great 2 days. Well worth the money. James is a brilliant speaker and his knowledge and application is amazing. Really glad I came, and I will be applying lots of learning.”

“Very interesting, clinically relevant, knowledgeable+++. Excellent referencing. Great teaching style and obviously passionate. Creates an easy forum for discussion Thank you so much.”

“Excellent course!”

“A really good course. Very interesting and very applicable to practice. Thank you so much.”

“A ‘breath of fresh air’! Great to have a course bringing so many aspects together and looking at clinically useful work & research. It will modify my practice and gave me lots to think about & research further. Really useful. Please come back to do more B&MC courses.”

“Very interesting and simulating. Lots learned to take back and try! Thanks!”

“Thank you SO much – so many NEW ideas for practice. Clearly presented and definitely lots to think about in clinical practice, but also describing what we do as physios.”


Contact us below or email us at admin@neurophysiotherapy.com.au for more information, or if you are interested in us bringing this course to you! Follow us on twitter @neurophysioPT

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 B&MC courses 2016

B&MC Adelaide Sold out

When: Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th October (9am-4pm)

Where: 296 Payneham Rd, Payneham.

Cost: $700 + GST (Lunches included)


This course will travel in 2017 & 2018, so please let us know if you have a group interested so we can bring this course to you.


From the team at neurophysiotherapy.com.au



Recent Clinical presentations


2-4 July 2017, Cape Town


An Introduction to the Assessment and Management of Vestibular symptoms in the older person. APA Level 2 Gerontology

2nd June 2017


Deep Brain Stimulation and Neurophysiotherapy

18 February 2017, Dr Andrew Zacest, Neurosurgeon, Dr James McLoughlin, Neurophysiotherapist, Medtronic Respesentative


Invited Speaker Associate Professor James McLoughlin – Rehabilitation in MS – Update

6th October 2016, Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia, Merck


Dementia Alliance International’s “A Meeting of The Minds” Webinar with Associate Professor James McLoughlin:

Topic: “Dementia and Rehabilitation: A hard sell”

August 24, 2016 – 2.00pm (PDT – San Francisco) USA / August 25, 2016 – 6.30pm Adelaide (ACST)  AUSTRALIA

For more info; https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dai-a-meeting-of-the-minds-rehabilitation-and-dementia-a-hard-sell-august-2425-2016-tickets-25008313539


Invited Speaker Associate Professor James McLoughlin – Multiple Sclerosis Nurses Australasia Conference – Vertigo & Vestibular Rehabilitation for people with Multiple Sclerosis Aug 26 2016 Adelaide

Level 1 Neurology Course, Australian Physiotherapy Association, 24th July 2016 (Joint tutor – Dr James McLoughlin)

Invited Speaker Dr James McLoughlin – Pain in Parkinson’s Disease. Education session for health professionals. Parkinsons SA. March 2016
Invited speaker Dr James McLoughlin –NeuroPhysiotherapy & Parkinsons Disease, Brighton Parkinsons Support Group. February 2016

Gait Re-education 1-day Short Course with Dr Chris Barr and Dr Maayken Van den Berg (Flinders University) October 2016

Enhancing Stroke Recovery, (combined One-day Short Course and Intensive) August 2016

Recent Research presentations

Invited Speaker Dr James McLoughlin– National Research Roadshow, Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia – Mobility & fatigue in MS – new insights for better exercise 27th May, 2016 Adelaide Oval
Invited Speaker (Joint)- Current advances in clinical management in MS, Associate Professor Mark Slee, Professor Sheila Lennon & Dr James McLoughlin, Australian Physiotherapy Association 3rd May 2016

Invited Speaker Dr James McLoughlin (joint) together with Ann Buchan- Physiotherapy & Dystonia – blending evidence with experience, APA June 9th 2016



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